Skill Based Virtual Summer School

Learning should never stop, even with the epidemic there are several ways to engage your child virtually throughout the summer.

There’s a skill programme for every child based on your interest.


What We Offer

Do you desire to raise amazing children who have a great strength of character, who are self-driven, confident, resilient, and focused, Will you love your children to turn out as wholesome, balanced, and well-mannered adults?

Sure it’s a YES! And tell you what? It takes being intentional about investing in their value system and character to get such results and see measurable growth.

Please give us the opportunity to consolidate on your great efforts to bring out the very best in your children.

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Graphic & Web Design

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Designing graphics that captivates, inspires, and informs as well as building websites are essential skills for the 21st-century child. They not only help a child communicate effectively in the digital world but also builds confidence, creativity, expression and decision-making skills. Our classes develop people into designers. even those who believe they cannot create visually appealing graphics.

What your child will learn: 

  • How to design graphics
  • How to design websites
  • Make money as a graphic and web designer
  • Industry secrets and lots of bonuses.

Enroll today, learn these tech skills, and get an edge over your peers in this competitive world.

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Baking & Cooking

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Cooking can help young kids learn and practice some basic maths concepts and build language skills. It also builds their confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.

What your child will learn: 

  • How to make small chops.
  • Making popular dishes.
  • Soups.
  • Jollof/Fried rice.
  • Efo, Riro etc.
  • Bake cake & pastries. 
  • Make party Chapman.

Enroll your child today, cooking is a necessary life skill.

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Research skills equip you with the ability to find answers to questions and solutions to problems, it’s a skill you need in your daily life.
The better your communication skills the clearer your purpose is defined. 
Good time management helps you acquire and do more in a shorter period of time. Do you know how to manage and use your emotions well so you can succeed in life? It is a skill, come and learn how.

What your child will learn:

  • Writing & selling E-books.
  • Public speaking.
  • Research.
  • Personal grooming.
  • Communication.
  • Emotional inteligence.
  • Time management.

Registration Fees

The Ladela School Skill Based Virtual Summer School has been structured to take off the financial strain caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

₦20,000 per child

₦35,000 for two children

₦50,000 for three children

Ladela School Skill Based Virtual Summer School Registration (12th-31st August 2020).

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