Junior / Senior Secondary School

Coming into a new school and moving away from home can be tough but at Ladela there are a number of people to make you feel at home. Dorm matrons and seniors create events throughout the year and provide fresh advice daily, creating a family atmosphere.

Students receive top-notch academic instruction and support. What’s more, we provide multiple avenues for creative expression, athletic achievement, off-campus study and international travel. Young adults graduate with a clear sense of their personal goals and a determination to make a difference.

In addition, students in the Secondary Programme participate in numerous extracurricular activities and programs including athletics, speech and debate, theater, music, dance, Science and Technology.


In the Senior programme, advisers oversee a student’s academic progress, including:

  • Arranging parent-teacher meetings
  • Keeping the appropriate division head informed about pertinent information about an mentee
  • Periodically reviewing the mentsee’s attendance record
  • Communicating with the mentees and his or her family
  • Playing a critical role in the course selection process each semester.

The mentor’s interest is more than solely academic; it includes extracurricular and non-school activities, personal growth, and the development of short- and long-term goals. The mentor is the first person to call in the event of any difficulty involving a student. Parents and mentors are encouraged to communicate regularly.

In general, students in the Senior programme are assigned one of their classroom teachers as a mentor. Each student selects a mentor. That person is typically a teacher or a coach with whom they have frequent contact.

Junior Secondary School

JS1 – 3


  1. English Studies
  2. Mathematics
  • Basic Science and Technology
  1. Religion and Values Education
  2. Pre-Vocational Education
  3. Cultural & Creative Arts
  • French
  • Nigerian Language (Hausa)
  1. Business Studies

National Curriculum | Mixed | Day & Boarding only / National-International 

Senior Secondary School

SS1 – 2: Minimum of 10, maximum of 11 subjects


  1. English Language
  2. General Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  1. Civic Education
  2. ICT
  3. Economics
  • Biology
  • Trade/Entrepreneurship- 1) Book Keeping 2)  Garment making 3) Photography 4) Data Processing.

National Curriculum | Mixed | Day & Boarding only / National-International 


SS3: Minimum of 8, maximum of 9 subjects


i.        English Language

ii.      General Mathematics

iii.    ICT

iv.     Trade/Entrepreneurship

v.       Civic Education



·      Biology

·      Chemistry

·      Physics

·      Further Mathematics

·      Agriculture

·      Physical Education

·      Health Education

·      Computer Studies/IT



·           One Major Nigerian Language

·           Literature-in-English

·           Geography

·           Government

·           CRS

·           Islamic Studies

·           History

·           Visual Arts

·           Music

·           French

·           Arabic

·           Economics



·      Technical Drawing

·      General Metal Work

·      Basic Electricity

·      Electronics

·      Auto-Mechanics

·      Building Construction

·      Wood-Work

·      Home Management

·      Foods and Nutrition

·      Clothing and Textiles


National Curriculum | Mixed | Day & Boarding only / National-International 

Testimonial From  Parents


"LADELA! LADELA! LADELA. I gave you a boy 6 years ago and you gave me a man. Thanks to the Executive Director, the indefatigable teachers ,numerous to mention ,doing what they know how to do best, moulding lives, character wise, morally, religiously,sport wise and to crown it all educationally. 2017 is another success story. So shall it be again and again till kingdom come. Amen. "

Mr Sola Ipaye


"My son has matured in every aspect of life you can think of. Thanks to Ladela, with his WAEC result ,which is good, the foundation for greater things has been set, I pray he builds on it.To the teachers as you mould other people's children God will not forget your children too. My son has graduated but I am not leaving Ladela. I will continue to be a part of the success story of Ladela till God knows. GREAT LADELA PATRIOTS. GREAT."

Hajiya Rabi Abubakar.