Primary School

How We Run

The Primary Programme provides a caring and inspiring educational environment in which the youngest members of the Ladela community are encouraged to discover the joy of learning. Interdisciplinary methods of teaching and learning traditional core subjects such as English, math, science, and history are stressed. Teachers in this programme work together, in a flexible schedule, and collaborate on lesson plans to ensure that each day is filled with discovery and adventure in learning.

A Primary class consists of approximately 20 pupils who come from different homes and backgrounds. Upon arrival at the Ladela, pupils become part of an “Academy family,” — a teacher and a group of about ten pupils. These families meet every day, often eat lunch together, and remain a close-knit group all year. Families join together to form “pods,” “Houses.”

The Primary programme  is based upon devoting each class period to a specific subject. Teachers collaborate and decide how to structure each day, incorporating information and skills pupils need to learn into a flexible schedule.

The Primary programme replaces traditional number, letter, and effort grades with extensive written evaluations of pupils performance and attitudes. Each member of the teaching team monitors and reports on the overall progress of the ten or eleven members of his or her academic “family,” informed by notes and comments from the other members of the team. Teachers meet in teams to review performance. Narrative reports are mailed home three times a year, and parent conferences provide progress reports on pupils.

Primary Curiculum 

National Curriculum | Mixed | Day & Boarding only / National-International 

Nursery/Primary Section:


English Language Development

Number Development

Primary Science/Health Education

Physical Education

Moral Instruction: CRK/IRK

Creative Art

Computer Skills

Primary 1 – 3

English Studies


One Nigerian Language(Hausa)

Basic Science & Technology (Including PHE/ICT)

Pre-Vocational Subjects(Home Economics/Entrepreneurship & Agricultural Science)

Religion and Values Education (Social Studies, Civic Education, Security Education, CRK/IRK)

Cultural & Creative Art

National Curriculum | Mixed | Day & Boarding only / National-International 

House Heads and Mentors

Every Ladela pupil has a mentor, who is a member of the programme. Mentors are available to talk with students and families about school or personal matters at any time during the school year.

In the primary programme, Mentors are called “House heads.” pupils are placed in small “House” groups, with a faculty member who is the “House head.” They meet regularly with their House head. Some houses have a weekly breakfast together. The house head is the first person the pupil and pupils parents should go to for advice on school or personal matters.

Primary 4 – 6

English Studies


One Nigerian Language(Hausa)

Basic Science/Technology (PHE/ICT)

Pre-Vocational Subjects (Home Economics, Agricultural Science/Entrepreneurship)

Religion & Values Education (Social Studies, Civic Education, Entrepreneurship, CRK/IRK)

Cultural & Creative Arts


National Curriculum | Mixed | Day & Boarding only / National-International 

Testimonial From  Parents


"LADELA! LADELA! LADELA. I gave you a boy 6 years ago and you gave me a man. Thanks to the Executive Director, the indefatigable teachers ,numerous to mention ,doing what they know how to do best, moulding lives, character wise, morally, religiously,sport wise and to crown it all educationally. 2017 is another success story. So shall it be again and again till kingdom come. Amen. "

Mr Sola Ipaye


"My son has matured in every aspect of life you can think of. Thanks to Ladela, with his WAEC result ,which is good, the foundation for greater things has been set, I pray he builds on it.To the teachers as you mould other people's children God will not forget your children too. My son has graduated but I am not leaving Ladela. I will continue to be a part of the success story of Ladela till God knows. GREAT LADELA PATRIOTS. GREAT."

Hajiya Rabi Abubakar.