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1. Do you have other health conditions that might affect your teaching due to the present use of mask?

2. Will you be able to teach 7 periods of 40 minutes each in a day with a mask on?

4. Do you come to school in your private car?

5. Do you come to school by public transport?

6. Do you observe all necessary public rules to keep safe?

7. Do you go home in a personal car or by public transport?

8. Do you put on your mask while using public transport or talking to someone?

9. Do you maintain the 2meter social distance rule while in public?

10. Do you buy food in school to eat?

11. Do you buy food from road side vendors?

12. If your answer to the above is YES, do you know the risk involved?

13. Do you know the symptoms of COVID-19?

14. Do you know what to do if you feel ill?

15. Have you been in contact with anyone who is/was down with COVID-19?

16. Have you been tested for COVID-19?

17. Have you been down with cough, cold etc., of recent?

18. Did you visit the hospital for treatment?

19. Have you been to the hospital lately to visit a sick relative?

20. Have you body contact with anyone other than your immediate family members?

21. Did anyone visit you who later came down with COVID-19 symptoms?

22. Do you have basic PPE to resume work?

23. Are you allergic to particular hand sanitizers and any liquid disinfectant?