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1. Does your child know the symptoms of COVID-19?

2. Has your family been in contact with anyone who is/was down with COVID-19?

3. Has any member of your family been down with cough, cold etc., of recent?

4. Did the family member visit the hospital for treatment?

5. Has any member of the family been to the hospital lately to visit a sick relative?

6. Have your family members come in body contact with anyone other than your immediate family members?

7. Did anyone visit your family who later came down with COVID-19 symptoms?

8. Are you comfortable with your ward buying snacks from the tuck shop?

9. Will you allow your child be in the hostel temporarily for the duration of BECE/WAEC Examinations?

10. Does your child have any underlying health issues?

11. Are you or your child allergic to particular hand sanitizers and any liquid disinfectant?

12. Have you been tested and certified COVID free?