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We have put together relevant Q & A to clarify any thought you might have as you go through the admission process.

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How do I begin the process of admission for my child?

You can obtain our Admission Form at a fee of N5,500 from the school or you can download one online. Once the completed form is returned, the admission Officer will schedule the child for a written test where applicable.

What is the enrollment process?

Parents may fill out the admission form after touring the  school and meeting with the Admission Officer. You may use this online platform to complete the admission process and surf through our website to see all you need.

Is there a specific enrollment period?

Families typically enroll their children for the start of the school year which begins in September. However, we also offer rolling admissions. This allows children to join a classroom at any point during the school year if space is available.

Is there a written test for seeking admission?

Yes, there is a written placement test for all candidates seeking admission to Ladela with the  exception of early years pupils. Our admission is strictly based on age appropriateness for a class as shown below:

Preceding Entry to the class

Entering Playgroup/Pre-Nursery   –        2 years old by September 1st

Entering Nursery 1    –        3 years old by September 1st

Entering Nursery 2      –        4 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 1       –        5 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 2     –        6 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 3      –        7 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 4     –        8 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 5    –        9 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 6    –        10 years old by September 1st

Entering JS 1            –        11 years old by September 1st

Entering JS 2       –        12 years old by September 1st

Entering JS 3        –        13 years old by September 1st

Entering SS 1     –            14 years old by September 1st

Entering SS 2         –        15 years old by September 1st

Entering SS 3           –        16 years old by September 1st

NOTE: All admissions are offered based on  age appropriateness and a child’s ability to perform well in the placement test.

What happens when a child fails the Placement Test?

We offer a Provisional Admission Letter and in agreement with the parents, we provide a refresher programme to help the candidate address some learning challenges and grey areas in core subjects. A time is set to retake the placement test.

What kind of school is Ladela School?

We are a co-educational secular school. We respect every child’s religious inclinations and we teach our children same.

Our classes range from Play Group to SS3, however there is also boarding facility.  We offer both day and boarding options.

Are meals provided?

All boarding house students are fed five (5) times a day, but lunch is available to other pupils/students on campus based on request. Pre-booking is required.

Does the school cater for children with special needs?

Yes, we run an inclusive educational system where children with special needs can integrate into a mainstream school and learn. Special care is offered by the school through the shadow teachers.

What are hours of operation of Ladela School?

We are open from Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm. And we are open throughout the year. However, we observe all public holidays as announced by the Federal Government.

What is your basic school operation?

Yes, we have. See our basic school operations at a glance:

7:30-7:45 – Regular resumption time for other students

7:45-8:00am – Morning Assembly

8:00 – 8:15am – Mental Maths

7:30-8:00am is Calisthenics on Wednesday only.

2:00pm – Close of school for Nursery and Primary Pupils.

3:30 pm –  Close of school for secondary school students.

What is the standard Ladela class size?

Our standard class size is 20 pupils/students. 

How secure is the school premises?

We take the security of lives and property very seriously. Our gates are well secured. We have adequate security personnel that ensure this at all times. So be rest assured your child is safe with us.

What is the educational level of Ladela teachers?

At Ladela, we hire highly qualified and experienced staff. Our hiring requirements  are very rigorous and thorough. We hire based on need and merit.

What is Ladela’s educational philosophy?

We believe, and neuroscience has proven, that children are better able to explore new areas of learning and engage more fully with the world around them when they have positive feelings of self-worth and are able to express, understand, and cope with their own emotions and those of others.

The heart of Ladela’s teaching philosophy is to foster the skills of emotional intelligence, which are critical for promoting academic, social, and personal success. We focus on instilling a love of learning in each child, allowing the seeds of curiosity and wonder to take root, blossom, and continue to grow for a lifetime.


Is Ladela a diverse community?

Yes. We value and celebrate diversity and benefit from a culturally diverse student and family community. In addition to our own curriculum, where we teach about many countries, we invite our families to share their unique customs and heritages with their child’s classroom community, fostering an appreciation for traditions spanning the globe.


How are parents made aware of their children’s progress at Ladela?

Teachers communicate with parents on a daily basis at drop-off and pick-up. We also schedule regular parent-teacher conferences during which we review and discuss children’s progress. Communication with parents is an important part of our program. Our School Admin Officer, School Administrator and Principal, are always available to talk with parents.


Do you have a summer program?

Yes.  Ladela offers summer programs in August for children from early years to senior secondary years. Programs are managed by our experienced and creative teachers and fully utilize the school’s beautiful surroundings and Nature Center/Outdoor Classroom. Local partnerships also allow us to offer sports and other fun activities.


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