Our School

Facilities and Programmes

The academic facilities and programmes at Ladela are extensively tailored to give your child a well rounded, cutting edge education. Coupled with competent staff, both academic and non-academic. Ladela school is fully equipped to meet the expectations of attaining a modern and up-to-date education.

Ladela School Facilities and Programmes
PTA Organization

The Parents’ Association is open to all parents or guardians of children enrolled in the school. Its aim is to develop an active partnership with the school authorities and to represent parents and guardians in the decision-making process relating to the school, which affects their children.

School Meals Menu

Ladela School recognizes the link between student health and learning and desires to provide a comprehensive program promoting healthy eating and physical activity for your child.

Academic Standards

From the performance stage to the science lab – Ladela School students/pupils learn to collaborate, inspire others, and achieve their goals. It’s no surprise that Ladela School graduates are at the forefront of developments in science, math, technology, the arts, healthcare, education, the military, and public service. In Abuja and across the planet, Ladela pupils make a positive impact.

Extracurricular Activities

Students at Ladela School participate in a variety of Extracurricular activities, which provide opportunities to further exercise their intellectual, artistic, and athletic skills and help foster qualities of leadership, decision making, and teamwork. The school develops the activities on offer based on the interests and abilities of the students and employs faculty members and well-qualified teachers and coaches.

Technology In the Classroom

Our comprehensive course of study blends practical applications of technology integration—whether developing, implementing, or administering technological resources or curriculum—with ethical, philosophical, and theoretical perspectives. In addition, students are provided with hands-on experience and opportunities to pursue educational technology research and scholarship, as well as strategies to improve pedagogy and instructional practice.


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