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1. If YES, tick as appropriate, basic tasks you can carry out with any of the following applications on any digital devices - computer, tablet, phone, etc?

2. Do you have skills in using IT other than screen touch on your handheld phone such as internet browsers, email, word processing, google search?

3. Apart from your phone, do you have a computer?

4. Do you use a computer system, e.g laptop, desktop?

5. Did you self-learn how to use a computer or you had formal training?

6. On a scale of 1-10 ( where 1 is low and 10 is very high), rate your competence level for using a computer, and other digital devices you have/use?

7. Do you have installed Zoom application on your device?

8. Can you, or do you use Zoom application?

9. Did you install zoom application and created Zoom account yourself or you had assistance?

10. If you do not have Zoom on your device, can you install the application and create an account yourself?

11. If you are unable to install and create the account yourself, would you be willing to get assistance from Ladela?

12. Do you have Google Meet on your device?

13. Can you, or do you use Google Meet?

14. If YES, did you install and create your Google Meet account yourself?

15. If NO above, would you be willing to get assistance to install/create Google Meet from Ladela?

17. Would you be interested in IT/Technology training classes for parents?

19. Which of the following schedules would you opt for?

20. What amount of time would you make available for such training?